About us

Our History... 60 years and counting!

Deitz Company is a family owned and operated corporation based in New Jersey, USA. Founded by Stephen Deitz Sr. in 1949, the company began manufacturing photoelectric registration controls for packaging machinery. The unique design and practical function of the Rotary Compensator is the anchor of the EyeMark registration systems. These rugged and compact differentials advance productivity while they retard the progressive cost of maintenance.

In the mid-60’s, Deitz Company combined its mechanical, electronic, and photoelectric expertise to produce tablet/capsule counting machines. Originally designed for table-top operation, these low maintenance machines have set the pace for our continued corporate growth. Today, they are the hub of a complete production line that includes conveyors, turntables, cotton inserters and dessicant inserters.

In the ‘90’s, the company responded to the needs of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with the introduction of the Pharmafill line of packaging machines. From tabletop to completely automated filling lines, Pharmafill has been recognized as a value leader in oral dose packaging.

The designs found in the EyeMark and Pharmafill lines are heavily influenced by the experience of our customers. Because we service what we sell, improvements are quickly incorporated into the product design and manufacturing flow. Our goal is to combine economy and reliability to produce a highly efficient production line. We want to give our customers the best value for their dollars.


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